Management & Ownership


Mr. Ye Myint

(Vice Chairman)

Mr. Ye Myint is one of the co-founders of STG and has been working closely with Chairman Mr. Aik Htun since the 1980s. He is presently the Vice Chairman of HTCT and also serving as the Managing Director of Shwe Taung Development Co. Ltd (STD) Energy & Infrastructure Business Group.

Mr. Ye Myint started the Regional Development Projects for the Group. Given his vast operational and management experience, he is instrumental in the establishment of the ISO Certificate for quality management organization.One of the key achievements was when HTCT was awarded the RCC contractor for the Yeywa Hydropower Project – the largest RCC dam in Myanmar with installed capacity of 790 MW.

Today, the Group is recognized as one of the most experienced Hydropower developers in the region. After the Yeywa project, HTCT undertook other Hydropower Projects like Upper Paunglaung near Naypyidaw. The latest project – Balu Chaung No(3) – one of the first Independent Power Producer (IPP) of the Group is one of the landmark projects that cements the company’s position as a market leader on Hydropower.Despite the challenges faced, Mr. Ye Myint never fails to deliver the goods. His
strong leadership ensured systematic management and innovation throughout the project.

Mr. Han Thein Lwin

(Managing Director)

Mr. Han Thein Lwin is presently the Managing Director of High Tech Concrete Co., Ltd. (HTC) and also the Managing Director of High Tech Concrete (Technology) Co., Ltd. (HTCT).
Joining the group in 1998, Mr. Han established HTC as a market leader in construction materials. Being the first ISO (9001:2000) certified company in ready-mixed concrete industry in Myanmar in 2004; HTC manufactures and supplies ready-mixed concrete as well as provides related services to construction sites in the country. Its success was due to its customer oriented approach, effective leadership and its highly skilled personnel. It became a reputable organization that is able to maintain long-term relationships with its customers.
Mr. Han also steered HTCT in providing ready mixed CVC and RCC concretes for public sectors, road & bridge constructions and crushing facilities for aggregate production. Participating in Yeywa Hydropower construction project, HTCT becomes the leading company with extensive management experience in Hydropower construction. Under his leadership, it continued to be highly involved in the hydropower development of the country with projects like Upper Paung Laung near NayPyi Taw. The completion of the Balu Chaung 3 Hydropower Project in the near future would be another major milestone of Han’s leadership in HTCT which includes collaboration with Tokyu Construction for Twin Centro Condominium and Crystal Tower & Residences Projects.

Mr. Mg Mg

(Director, Contract Projects)

Mr. Maung Maung embarked on his HTCT journey ten years ago during its first hydropower project – Yeywa – the first and biggest RCC Dam construction in Myanmar at that time. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering (Civil) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Hydrology, Mr. Maung Maung has been serving the Irrigation Department on the subject of irrigation systems in Myanmar for more than thirty years. In addition, he has first-hand experience on dam construction.
His vast experience in hydrology system was instrumental in HTCT’s ability to accomplish the first RCC Dam-Yeywa project successfully. Since then, he has been actively involved in the hydropower projects: DHPI consultation services, Upper Paung Laung, ShweLi 3 and many others. Being an educator for decades, he enjoys learning and sharing his experiences with his peers and subordinate engineers. As HTCT has been working with international partners and multi-national consultants on many different projects, his team has benefited greatly from the collaboration as they continue to improve their competency levels steadily.
Mr. Maung Maung is a true believer in the Group’s core values – quality, teamwork, and systematic management. He firmly believes that everyone has an important part to play in the country’s development. He is making great efforts to bring electricity to the homes in an eco-friendly manner, which is a priority in modern Myanmar.
Mr. Maung Maung is an avid golfer and he like to travel around Asia to enjoy a nice game with good company.

Mr. Maung Maung Tin

(Department Head, Planning & Project Control Department)

Mr. Maung Maung Tin has been serving Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation for more than thirty years. After he left the government sector, he joined HTCT as Superintendent Engineer. Given his profound engineering experience in the government, he was instrumental in assisting HTCT develop one of the prestigious projects – Balu Chaung (3) hydropower.
Balu Chaung (3) is a fully functional hydropower station. Bearing the need to be environmental-friendly, the project recycles the released water from the existing Balu Chaung (2) power station, to generate extra 52MW for the national grid. The project team which comprises of top consultants from all over the world, made concerted efforts in resource conservation ensuring that full capacity is achieved without any wastage of electricity.
Under Mr. Maung Maung Tin’s leadership, Balu Chaung (3) was completed in2014 and commenced its operation in the first quarter of 2014. He provided invaluable guidance and direction in ensuring the project team remained on task at all times. Being a Bachelor of Engineer (Civil) graduate coupled with his study experience in project management, he always shares his practical suggestions with his team members. He is currently the Deputy Chief Engineer in Planning & Projects Control Department.

Mr. Ohn Khaing

(Head of Design, Drawing Department)

Mr. Ohn Khaing has been serving Irrigation Department for more thanthirty years. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Hydrology. The experience in Irrigation Department equipped him to be a professional designer in hydraulic structures, irrigation network and dam implementation.
Being one of the most experienced hydraulic designers in Myanmar, Mr. OhnKhaing provides solutions to the collection, storage, control, transport, regulation, measurement and use of water, both on agricultural purpose and hydropower scheme. To understand the possible situation in the irrigation system, Mr. Ohn Khaing checks the potential construction site in detail before design. After the design approved, he would visit the site again to ensure the design can be applied properly. As and when the construction condition does not allow a certain design, he would adjust the design to fit the purpose in due time.
His latest highlight is the completion of Balu Chaung (3) Hydropower Project. He is in charge of the hydraulic structure and the headpond design. Working closely with the international consultants, he completed the task in accelerated time.
The successful operation of Balu Chaung (3) remarks great design with supportive teamwork. Being one of the first IPP projects in Myanmar, it outshines HTCT as a local hydro-electric development company with international experience.
In the view of massive development in Myanmar, young engineers are facing a lot of challenges. To help them adapting the situation, Mr. OhnKhaing offers his help with on-job training, and betters their designs by offering his valuable insights.

Mr. Myo Htut

(Assistant Director, Administrative Department)

Mr. Myo Htut has been working with the Group since 1995. Given his financial background and experience with other companies within the Group, he joined HTCT as General Manager of Administration in 2005.
Mr. Myo Htut has been highly involved in developing systematic management systems within the organization. As the Group and HTCT set its sights on responsible development in Myanmar, HTCT is committed to provide good quality services by employing the best technology available globally. Renowned for its high level of operational performance, HTCT is fast becoming as a role model in the construction management sector in Myanmar.
Mr. Myo Htut is a firm believer of self-improvement. He initiates different levels of competency training for the organization to ensure the staffs continuously improve and maintain their competitive edge. Being the Assistant Director of Administration in the Balu Chaung (3) project, he places great priority in safety at the construction site. He ensures that all the workers are properly trained, equipped with proper gear and adhering to safety measures at the respective work locations.
He instructed the team to setup a proper waste treatment system to prevent unnecessary pollution or causing harm to others. In addition, he personally carried out regular checks to ensure all measures are well in place.
With his diligent and caring attitude, he contributed significantly to the success of the Balu Chaung (3) project. Holding a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry), Mr. Myo Htut enjoys reading and playing soccer in his leisure.

Mr. Myo Naing Win

(General Manager – Finance & Account Department)

Mr. Myo Naing Win has been working in HTCT for the last eleven years in the Finance and Accounts department. Being a Bachelor of (Commerce) and CPA, he has vast experience on analyzing, prioritizing tasks and risk assessment.
Mr. Myo is a forward thinking and systematic person. He is instrumental in his team’s ability to attain the International Finance Report Standards (IFRS). Although, it is not a common practice in Myanmar currently, he believes it is important to benchmark financial practices against a global platform given the aggressive development of HTCT and cooperation with international clients and partners.
As a leader, Mr. Myo is proud to witness the achievements and growth of HTCT. He makes a concerted effort to improve the organization’s structure and finding pragmatic solutions to departmental challenges. Given HTCT’s recent focus on mega-size projects, HTCT has been strengthening its brand in urbanization projects – from hydropower, high-rise buildings.
Over the years, Mr. Myo has embraced HTCT as an integral part of his life. He shares his acute foresight with the management team regarding the company’s strategies given the country’s recent economic and political changes. In addition, he is spearheading the changes in planning and execution using systematic management tools within the company. In his leisure time, he enjoys readings.

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